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Living The Dream – Fernando Reyes Interview Ep. 11 Part 1

Discovering a Dream You many realize one day that living the dream isn’t winning the lottery, or driving an expensive car, or even living in the perfect home.  For Fernando Reyes, living the dream was centered around one thing: mixing. His passion for mixing began while in audio school. It spawned a path for him…

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Beyond Stereo Beyond Analog – Ep.10 – History Part 2

Beyond Stereo Beyond Analog Have you ever mixed in Surround Sound?  Ever experienced a film or song in 5.1 Surround Sound?  Have you played games in Surround Sound?  Going Beyond Stereo Beyond Analog encompasses where we are and where we are going with the audio industry.  We can mix with 5 channels and higher in…

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History of Recording – Ep. 9 – Part 1

The History of Recording It’s amazing how far we’ve come.  From the simple desire to record and document sound with a transducer, we have evolved into an industry that continues to grow and progress.  Older recordings, before multitrack recording, were accomplished with a single microphone.  Listen to records recorded in the 30’s and 40’s you…

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Drum Miking and Recording Ep. #8 Part 3

Drum miking is an evolving art form. The role of drums in the 1930’s sounds dramatically different than modern music.  Listen to the  Beetles, Led Zeppelin, and other music from the 60’s and 70’s.  Also, listen to the way the drums punch (or lack thereof).  The Drum Miking techniques of the 60’s and 70’s defined…

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Drum Pre Production and Recording Ep. #7 – Part 2

Drum pre production is an art Drum pre production is the art of creating your strategy that makes your recordings better!  I remember my first time recording drums.  I was thinking so hard about the microphone and the placement it made me forget what was really important!  Years later I met someone who’s job it…

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Drum Miking and Recording Ep. #6 – Part 1

Drum Pre Production is your strategy Recording drums can be done anywhere. The role of a great producer and a great engineer is to be aware of what makes a great drum recording.  Drum Pre Production is your strategy leading up to the process of Drum Miking and Recording.   The Drummer What does this have…

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