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Living The Dream - Fernando Reyes Interview Ep. 11 Part 1 - RSP

Living The Dream – Fernando Reyes Interview Ep. 11 Part 1

Discovering a Dream

You many realize one day that living the dream isn’t winning the lottery, or driving an expensive car, or even living in the perfect home.  For Fernando Reyes, living the dream was centered around one thing: mixing.
His passion for mixing began while in audio school. It spawned a path for him leading to a position assisting one of the audio industry’s top mix engineers.

Fernendo is Living The Dream in front of an SSL Duality

Fernando Reyes sits in front of an SSL Duality

“School Was My Rock”

For many, school is a grand introduction to everything related to your desired field.  For others, it’s a place to build the foundation of knowledge in their specialized area of interest.   For Fernando it was the latter, he spent his time in school building an understanding of the foundations of audio.  In hindsight felt this was paramount to his success.  Understanding the fundamentals of audio was an expectation of many of his colleagues and it was essential to gain their respect.


Finding His Dream

Fernando was told by his peers at school that cities such as LA, New York, Nashville and Atlanta, were hubs for the audio industry.  After weighing his options, New York was his final decision. He realized that public transportation and a more upbeat city environment was needed.  Once he decided where he wanted to go, it was up to him to seek out every studio in New York and proceeded to apply to every single one.  One thing to note about Fernando’s ability to go above and beyond: he took the time to research and create custom cover letters for each resume.

Studio B at Electric Lady Studios with their beautiful SSL 9000

Studio B at Electric Lady Studios

Living the Dream – Electric Lady Studios

Living the dream for Fernando started when he was invited for an interview at the world-renowned, Electric Lady Studios in New York City.  The interview lead to a “test” work day, which then lead to him being hired as an intern.  The internship only lasted for 3 months, which unfortunately for him did not result in a position being available for employment.  Fernando asked to stay and continue interning for fear of having to start all over at another studio. Fortunately after an additional month of interning, a position opened up and he was hired as a General Assistant (GA).

Going Beyond

The world is full of people desiring to succeed.  Willing to do whatever it takes to succeed though,  is not a common thing.  As mentioned above, Fernando’s dedication started in school, and continued through his process of applying for internships and customizing cover letters for each studio.  Then, asking to stay for an additional month of interning is something many may  have decide against but Fernando felt it may have presented him with another opportunity in the near future. Internships are normally not glorious, and a business can easily filter out those that are dedicated workers and those that aren’t through these positions.  Fernando mentioned that during his internship, there were moments where you have the opportunity to use the equipment to become better acquainted with the studio and just to learn.  It’s these types of opportunities that some choose to pursue while others let go.


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