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Drum Pre Production and Recording Ep. #7 - Part 2 - RSP

Drum Pre Production and Recording Ep. #7 – Part 2

Drum pre production is an art

Drum pre production is the art of creating your strategy that makes your recordings better!  I remember my first time recording drums.  I was thinking so hard about the microphone and the placement it made me forget what was really important!  Years later I met someone who’s job it was to build and tune drums and finally I understood how the sound of the drum directly influences the recording!  This is true for both recording and the production! It opened my eyes to an entire world of possibilities in drum sounds and textures!  Tuning your instrument and learning how to alter the drum acoustically will make the recording into something you may have never experienced before.

drum pre production


Tom and Mark discuss drum tuning, treatment, and why the room may, or may not matter in Episode #7 – Drum Pre Production Part 2

Drum tuning can be daunting.

If you have recorded an out of tune guitar it can be just as bad as an out of tune drum!  Part of good drum pre production is knowing how the tuning of your drum will affect the drum sound in your production!  Every song and every drum is not created equal, therefore tuning is unique to every recording!

Treating the drum will further alter the sound in ways you may have never imagined!  Just setting your hand on a drum can change the way it resonates so imagine what happens when we start using other materials to change and sculpt our drum tones. Drum pre production also involves treating drums to make our recordings the best they can be!

The room is something that many of us have no control over. Garage? Spare bedroom?  We’ve recorded in everything from small to large rooms and there are advantages and disadvantages to all of them!  Don’t let this limit you!  Perfect rooms are still flawed!  Flawed rooms give interesting and inspiring results!  Drum pre production involves planning how the room is going to play a role in the sound of your drums and will ultimately influence how you place your microphones and even mix!

Learn more valuable information about micing

Check out Episode 7 – Drum Pre Production Part 2  we continue talk about the drum pre production process. Comment if you have questions or want to learn more!

Episode #7 Is Available on iTunes!

Episode #7 Is Available on iTunes!

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