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Drum Miking: The Plan For Producing Killer Drums Ep. #6 - Part 1

Drum Miking and Recording Ep. #6 – Part 1

Drum Pre Production is your strategy

Recording drums can be done anywhere. The role of a great producer and a great engineer is to be aware of what makes a great drum recording.  Drum Pre Production is your strategy leading up to the process of Drum Miking and Recording.


Drum Miking ALWAYS begins at the drummer!

Drummers are your #1 priority in any drum recording!

The Drummer

What does this have to do with Drum Pre Production, Miking, and Recording?  Everything.  Skill, personality, and experience define your drummer.  The right fit is your first line of defense in your epic drum session.

The Wish List

The dream scenario for any producer would be to have the perfect trifecta of elements to make their vision come to life. Don’t let this list scare you.  Even by understanding the concepts, and taking one thing away from this article you are one step closer to better drums.

1.An Amazing Drum Tech

The Drum Tech is one of your most valuable assets when it comes to Pre Production for Drum Miking and Recording. You could easily benefit from your drummer knowing how to tune and treat your drums. This is a scenario that many engineers find themselves working in.  A specialist, or Drum Tech, is typically at an entire different level of understanding.  They understand drums and what makes them tick.  They can change the sound of your drum as you listen through the microphones and shape your sounds to be exactly as you envisioned.


2.The Perfect Drums

Even with a professional Drum Tech, there is only so much that can be done with a less than desirable kit.  Your perfect drums are unique to your record, the sound you desire. We have the resources to find what materials, and size, other productions have used.  Consider this a recipe book for creating your ideal acoustic set to achieve that amazing drum recording.


Larry Mullen from U2

Joey Jordison from Slipknot

John Dolmayan from System of a Down

3.The Perfect Studio

Spoiler Alert: There is no perfect studio.  Just like the drums, the studio should fulfill your needs and help you achieve a great recording.  Less noise (i.e. air conditioning, electrical noise) would streamline your mixing process, although there are tools available to reduce/eliminate issues that may arise in a home studio Izotope RX.

Don’t forget that the atmosphere and engineer can be a deciding factor to whether you use a certain studio or not.



In today’s episode, Tom & Mark discuss the pre production planning process in relevance to drums.

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